Fire Ned Yost

June 16th 2008

There is Hope!

Since we last noted the troubles of Mariners fans, there have been some changes.

It’s just a shame how deeply a team has to go into the toilet before obvious changes are made. The good people over at USS Mariner are far too classy to gloat (If Yost and/or Melvin are ever fired, don’t expect the same restraint from me. I’ll be tipping a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue to celebrate the occasion).

UPDATE: And now Randolph’s gone from the Mets.

C’mon, Mark! Do the right thing!

June 15th 2008, Helena chapter?

Remember this guy?

Of course you don’t. It’s Rene Gonzales and his super cool #88 jersey. Rene is the new manager of the Helena Brewers.

Old school Brewer fans will shudder hearing “Rene” and “manager” in the same sentence.

If I would have had the interwebs in 1984, I would have been blogging on the website — but I am getting off-track, and I would rather leave the 1984 season in my mind’s dark place.

Guess who is Yosting, the Brewers in Helena?

This guy! — Ned Yost IV, — who undoubtedly got his coaching gig based on his many years of playing and coaching experience — is hoping to Yost his way up the Brewers system to one day replace Ned Yost III at the major league level, when he retires in 2015 to manage Larry the Cable Guy’s state fair appearances.

In case you missed it, Yost offered up this gem, discussing Hart’s misplay of Cuddyer’s triple last night:

“In right field especially, the sun doesn’t get in that grass, and at times the roots are real shallow and the ball will skip,” Brewers manager Ned Yost said. “Our outfielders know it, and it’s more an advantage to our guys than the guys who come in on the road, but that ball hit and skipped.”

I coach a little league — our entire OF is plagued by shallow roots. At least I now know the solution to our fielding problems, get the OF more sun so the roots are not as shallow will keep the ball from skipping under a player’s glove. Geez.

June 14th 2008

Nedophiles back Yost

Apparently Nedophiles are taking their hard earned paychecks/allowance from Mom, and betting $156 to win $100. According to this graph,93% of gamblers put their dough on the Crew for tonight’s game.

The bold line represents the money line, the thin line represents Nedophiles putting their money down.

The dip in the money-line probably coincides when Yost said this, regarding Bill Hall:

“Those are plays that, should they be made? Yes, absolutely,” Yost said. “But, when you move around like that and get thrown into a position when you really don’t have a chance to get comfortable at all … it’s difficult, difficult to jump in.”

I agree you can’t battle if you aren’t comfortable.

June 11th 2008

Looks like Hart is going to stick at leadoff for a while

Looks like the Brewers are going with Grit(tm) at 2nd base tonight. Apparently, Ned hasn’t lost faith in Cameron, who has 47 strikeouts in 33 games and looked silly on a line drive that resulted in a Lance Berkman 3-RBI triple last night. I expect the Kapler fans to be out in force on the various Brewer blogs.

Again, many, many strikeouts on the horizon for the Brewers.

RF Corey Hart
SS JJ Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
3B Russell Branyan
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
2B Craig Counsell
P Manny Parra

Well, I didn’t see this coming

This should be a fun game to watch. I have absolutely no idea what I think about this, except that I think I like it. Except for the awesome strikeout potential. That’s a little scary.

RF Corey Hart
SS JJ Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
3B Russell Branyan
CF Mike Cameron
2B Bill Hall
C Jason Kendall
P Seth McClung

Fire Ned Yost

Should he really be fired? Maybe, maybe not; that’s not really the aim of the site, anyway. Yeah. I mean, seriously, you watch the games, right?